Zennous innovation
Zennous innovation


Trade, Finance and Technology Consulting  

with a commercial footprint in Switzerland

We develop customized solutions for trading and financial markets and provide professional services to international trading companies.

We help our clients to capture new opportunities, strengthen their presence in the market and explore the best technologies to achieve their goals. 

By leveraging our know-how and industry experience, we make the opportunities accessible for our clients to drive their business and create structured financial instruments to support their activities.


In a rapidly evolving world market, we help to capture trade opportunities and develop custom structure and unconventional strategies to execute and expand the business.



We leverage our industry experience and our extensive network of financial institutions to help build custom structured finance, transaction management or joint venture structures to support your business.



We use market analysis tools and trade flow data to offer creative solutions with the latest technologies to optimize and meet strategic requirements.

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Phone: +41 58 255 02 00

Email: info@zennous.ch

Location Boulevard D'Yvoy 7B, 1205 Genève, Switzerland view on map 

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