Zennous innovation
Zennous innovation

Zennous is an Innovative digital marketing and data service provider with a commercial footprint in Switzerland

We help our clients to develop path breaking solutions for the end-users that enable them to capture new value added and strengthen them for competition. We help our clients to leverage our knowhow and opportunities in enabling the data services accessible for our clients to drive their business, offer value added services and differentiate their brand.

highest speed

In a rapidly expanding and aggressive mobile ecosystem, we bring the highest speed by means of latest technological advancement to keep the pace for customer needs and deliver wherever and whenever it is necessary.


customer experience

Our clients can offer mobile data services their end-users in outstanding performance with unlimited abilities at the same time increase their customer experience with the help of business plan, simple for easy use but strong enough to sustain long time.


personalized data

As continuously strive to offer creative solutions to current optimization and marketing problems, the mobile data services market has become more important part of daily life and highly personalized, interactive and content rich services.

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We are in Switzerland. The office is situated in the heart of Geneva for the best optimized logistics and interaction with our clients and give in moment.

Location Carrefour de Rive 2, 1207 Genève, Switzerland view on map

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