Zennous innovation
Zennous innovation

Zennous Innovative trading and marketing company with a commercial footprint in Switzerland

We help our clients develop path-breaking solutions for trading and marketing by capturing new opportunities and strengthening their presence in the market. By leveraging our know-how and industry experience, we make the opportunities accessible for our clients to drive their business, market their products and services, and promote their name.


In a rapidly evolving world market, we capture potential customers by means of unconventional marketing strategies and technological advancement to expand the business and reach sales targets.



We leverage the well-established network for developing proper channels for supply and sales with the implementation of the right strategies at the right time.



We use tools for data and marketing to analyse markets and trade flows to offer creative solutions with the latest technologies to optimize and meet marketing requirements.

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We are in Switzerland. Do not hesitate to contact us for your trading and marketing requirements.

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